Japan GX3 GOOUT ARMY MICRO BIKINI for Men 2021 New Arrival

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The ultra-narrow front part with liberation the limit of sexy MICRO BIKINI. The ultra-thin waistband of only 2 cm, plus the ultra-narrow pouch with only one line left. The smooth cut along the line of the hip makes a deeper impression.

The front piece and the back piece are completely separated, allowing you to move and wear better. Basic Black and White color with Star☆Camouflage special design color 3 items set.

Explore freely, Set out to the unknown world! GX3【GOOUT】

Brand:GX3 Japan
Japan design

Finest fabric
Nylon 88 % Polyurethane 12 %
Made in China

Japan Men’s Bikini photos by GX3

It is about 2cm ultra wide waist belt, sharp cutting pouch, shaped hip line, and exquisite impression. Micro shape with low fabric area, with a feeling of release.

The texture of the front and back of the bagel is separate, and it is easy to move, and it is easy to move, and the feeling of the burnin is felt. More manly confident silhouette.

It is a soft “black skin” basic black print and original design of GX3 original print. It is light, stretchy, and lining is smooth “soft skin wrinkles”, and the texture of the camouflage fabric. Enjoy soft touch with a vintage feeling.

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