7 Men’s Underwear Brands do you know all? Men’s Things should be carefully selected

Men’s underwears have always been a daily garment that we can’t live without, and many people will be wearing underwear for the moment as one of the sexiest moments for men.

No matter the triangle or the flat angle, people’s love of underwear has never diminished, coupled with the importance of men’s image in recent years, in addition to the external dress to be decent, internal also important. Men’s underwear should also be carefully selected!

Do you know all these brands? Before parents for us enough to buy underwear, there is no right to choose, whether it is cartoons or uncle underwear, as long as you can wear on the line. Today, as you get older, you also have a deep understanding of the hormonal appeal that underwear triggers on special occasions. After all, the moment when you can be seen in the full picture of your underwear, it is natural to rip the Shi Jun of the moment, if you are wearing unattractive Uncle underwear at the moment, ask who you have the right mouth?

So today I’m going to recommend a wave of underwear so that you can captivate a group of people even if you show your underwear.


At that time, the most popular is CK family rainbow underwear, but C-IN2 with a simple LOGO and excellent tailoring, let me remember at once. C-IN2 is more designed to highlight male hormones than traditional men’s underwear. The first one is its bold design of the underwear edge, its underwear edge of the touch, literally sling CK.

The second is the underwear cut, our common triangle, Four corners, in its hands to change out of countless patterns, clearly is the simplest color collocation, but put on the behind you will find out its difference, and high-grade combed cotton and excellent tailoring will make you feel comfortable.

In the early years of the online spread of a statement, but usually shoot underwear ads, models in the underwear will be stuffed socks, but C-IN2 different, its classic U-convex bag design, can let you even do not plug socks, the same visual increase for you, can be said to meet most of the male compatriots want to have a huge heart.


Founded in 2009, PUMP! is one of the most exposed underwear brands on Instagram in recent years, and as a Canadian brand, it combines the love of sports among young people in Europe and the US, as well as the love of colourful colors. The most conspicuous sign of its home is the huge PUMP! on the edge of his underwear.
LOGO, and in the past people common low-key underwear, its underwear in the choice of color is very many, and in addition to triangle, flat angle underwear, taking into account the needs of modern people for sports fitness, but also launched a special buttock underwear.

In addition to the authentic PUMP! can be worn in the daily, fitness exercise will not have uncomfortable feeling, very suitable for you often fitness men as standing underwear.


Australia’s geographical advantages, created a variety of sexy bronze skin beauty, in order to cope with the needs of people for the beach, the sun, many underwear, swimming pants brand was also born.

Born in 2001, Aussiebum, is one of the cost-effective representatives, its underwear average price is basically around 10 dollars, and year-round will have discounts, worth a try in the Australian brand. In the underwear style design, most of its home is mainly short, very in line with the preferences of all ages, underwear color part is also based on daily usability, will not let you take off your pants all over the attention.

Coupled with the small version, very suitable for Asians to wear, do not have to worry about their own can not control.

Under Armour

Under Armour, as the most commonly worn clothing brand of people who like sports, has always been loved by men of different sizes and ages.

As a sports brand, UA home and other sports brands are not the same, its home tailoring is mostly close to the main, but also with its brand love fabrics related, it is no wonder that many people love to wear it during fitness exercise. But in addition to the most popular sports T-shirts, the UA family’s underwear is well worth a try.

In particular, sports underwear, nude wear experience super, because there is no cotton, skin feeling is very good, and for the entire lower body of the coating is also strong.

Es Collection

Spain’s enthusiasm doesn’t just exist in the song, but in its underwear design. Know that you all love ADDICTED, but for low-key and stuffy people, Es collection will be a more appropriate choice.

It is the most good at making flat angle style underwear, many people think flat angle style is not sexy, but Es collection with the facts tell you, even flat angle underwear, can also make people excited nosebleed. Not only are there men’s underwear and swimming trunks, but so are women. If the underwear line of his home is similar to “50 degrees of ash” to be naked to sign the agreement before you see the real chapter, then its swimming pants line is capitalized.

If you choose to go to the seaside for a holiday in the near future, you may wish to pick a style you have always wanted to wear and dare not wear it, after all, holiday this occasion, clothing again fancy is not afraid to meet acquaintances to your point of finger.


Most of the underwear that many people often wear are mostly Japanese and European brands, but you should know that the Greeks do underwear, but also really with the Greek gods dressed in the same dress, the pursuit of a classical romantic sense of literature and art.

And this element has been inspired by many big names, but on how to apply it to underwear, or to see MODUS VIVENDI, the Greek underwear brand. In the design of the style, it is not like some of the classical design of underwear, but with ultra-low waist design, and underwear edge as a canvas, used to decorate a variety of different stripes and patterns. Perhaps it is to accommodate the charm of the Greek sun, many of the underwear side also added a material similar to gold and silver silk thread, glittering in the sun. In addition to conventional cotton, the part of the underwear material has a number of special materials, including hollowed out design. These designs, with little attention, appear to be Niang, but in the hands of MODUS VIVENDI, it shows a feeling similar to that of the male gods in Greek mythology.

But before you wear it, remember to subtract your swimming circle from the duck ~


People who often watch Japanese movies should have seen this brand of underwear bar, its underwear in Taiwan and Japan can be said to be quite popular, coupled with its own according to the Asian personal design, compared to the general European and American brands, more fit. The design part is mainly low waist, coupled with the more tight reason, for the body is small or has the body of the friend, is very friendly, and in the fabric part is also very willing to spend the mind, so many Japanese men are very fond of wearing its underwear.

Men’s underwear should also be carefully selected! Do you know all these brands?

Let Goodmenwear.com help you choose.

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