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PRIVATE STRUCTURE Malaysia Men’s underwear sexy wear

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PRIVATE STRUCTURE brand was founded in 2000, is a famous local men’s clothing brand in Malaysia, by a number of young entrepreneurs and the United States well-known brand consultants jointly founded. Its unique design concept, product quality and comfortable fit soon accepted by the majority of men.

PRIVATE STRUCTURE’s intention is to provide foundation for the pursuit of fashion and the details of the perfect urban metrosexual man provides full of sense of design, to subvert the traditional style, while wearing comfortable fashion underwear. Designers will be the perfect blend of vigor and vitality into the design, so colorful style, full of vitality.

PRIVATE STRUCTURE let men feel inner wear fun, happy to let their inner style more comfortable design, distinctive style and personal characteristics, attached importance to the choice of materials, especially the sweat absorption and permeability, let PRIVATE STRUCTURE be talent shows itself from the many brands. PRIVATE STRUCTURE add selected underwear fun for men in details: unique label design, clear product size, material and washing instructions, let skin get the best care, men wear comfortable health, better taste and personality through.

PRIVATE STRUCTURE has come out since 2000, just 8 years in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and many other countries to set up stores and counters, and is highly sought after in the men’s fashion world, currently in the China area (including Hong Kong and Macao) has established 15 brand stores and counters.

Men’e underwear brand: PRIVATE STRUCTURE
Malaysia Male Model Show photos

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Private Structure Summer  men’s triangle comfortable breathable underwear lowrise

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Private Structure Men’s simple comfortable lowrise boxers briefs

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