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U-Bag Men’s Boxers Briefs Underwear Acefit S001

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U-Bag Men’s Underpants Men’s Brifes boxers Summer Youth Modal Sexy Breathable White Bottoms Acefit

Color:many colors

customer review:

Very comfortable to wear!


  • Three-dimensional three-dimensional package technology
    Traditional men’s panties are based on the elasticity of the fabric to support the “physiological characteristics” of men
  • Lenzing Mordell
    Soft and comfortable, it’s a high quality fabric in your underwear
  • Excellent workmanship
    The line is straight, flat and smooth.
  • Design of large space support for U-type scrotum
    A new type of men’s panties to break the traditional single-plate model Combining the three-dimensional large space support in the front and the wrapping technique of the butt.

Underwear washtips:

Pattern: Self-cultivation
Soft Index: Soft
Elastic Index: Superbomb
Thin Thickness Index: Book
Belt height:3.0 CM
Rinse with flowing water is recommended
Be sure to wash by hand and rub lightly for 3-5 minutes
Separate cleaning, water temperature 30-40°C
Choose professional underwear laundry soap or washing liquid
Don’t machine wash, don’t mix with other clothes Underwear model shows

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