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What MAN Actors Wearing Underwear Brand in Movie

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 What are the male actors wearing underwear brand in Movie?
You know this “actors”mens gay porn actors ,what are the gay pron stars wearing underwear brand?

Next let to tell you, three countries, men’s different underwear preferences.

Many American gay actors like to wear Andrew Christian ,(It’s tvc is very sexy and hot!) ,Bike (men’s jockstrap),and Addicted.

Andrew Christian Men’s Underwear

Bike Men’s Performance Cotton Supporter Strap

Addicted men’s udnerwear

ADDICTED Fashion Men’s Underwear Sexy Cotton Pants Soft and Comfortable Modal Men’s Elastic High Band Underwear Shorts

Many Japanese gay pron actors in the film are wearing TOOT ,GMW brand underwear, but also like 2(x)ist C-in2 and so on.

TOOT Japan Underwear
Japanese Underwear GOOD MEN WEAR bikini

Japanese Underwear GOOD MEN WEAR boxers

2(X)IST Men’s Underwear

C-in2 Men’s core lo no Show profie brief

Chinese men prefer SEOBEAN ,CrabSecret   (Chinese original brand underwear)  ,and also  Calvin Klein underwear.

SEOBEAN Underwear

Which Brand of Men’s Underwear do you like?

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