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Men’s Bikini Max Premium Bikini by Ergo Wear

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Ergo Wear Max Premium Men's Bikini

Some people like men’s bikini , a different style underwear.
The Ergo Wear MAX Premium Bikini offers solid support, made from a super soft cotton blend. Designed for maximum comfort, this mens thong is perfect for everyday activities. This slim fit style offers an incredible fit, supreme support and shape retention.

Material:90% Cotton, 10% Spandex


Soft and supportive, this slim fit mens underwear is sure to pleasure

Mens bikini style underwear
100% ergonomic design
3-dimensional pouch in MAX design
Signature 1 1/3″ waistband

Men’s Bikini Model Show


 Ergo Wear Max Premium Men's Bikini


 Ergo Wear Max Premium Men's Bikini


 Ergo Wear Max Premium Men's Bikini

Men’s bikini washing tips:
Avoid high temperature washing or drying.
Do not bleach, or iron.
Items featuring more than one color should not touch while drying during first washing cycle.

Real Customer‘s comments about this Ergo Wear Max Premium Bikini

I use mine for working out at the gym they’re very comfortable and keep me cool specially the boy

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