8 Points for Men’s T-Shirt Style Guide

Men always need to be fit to a tee, with the perfect t-shirt for you. Read this 8 points of this Men’s T-Shirt Style Guide to learn the rundown of t-shirt styles available to you.


Just like there’s the right pair of underwear for every man, there is also the right t-shirt. T-shirts come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and necklines. It may not seem trivial, but finding the right t-shirt is truly priceless. You’ll know you’ve found it the moment you put it on, because you’ll never want to take it off.


1:Long Sleeve

A long sleeve t-shirt is a true necessity to any man’s wardrobe. This classic style comes with a great deal of versatility. Wear it underneath a sweater or button down on cold days, or lounge around on a lazy Weekend.


2:Short Sleeve

The perfect piece to lounge in, sleep in, workout in, or layer. Dress this style up by pairing it with a sport coat and jeans for a sleek look. For the days you want to be casual.


Make use of all your tank tops as gym attire, beachwear, loungewear, or the perfect top on a hot summer day. Tanks provide ease of movement, are comfortable, and can also be used as a layering piece.


4:Crew Neck

There is nothing quite like a crisp, clean, and tailored crew neck t-shirt. This style gets its name from the rounded neckline. Crew neck t-shirts can be worn with virtually anything, and offer limitless options.



This is a modern twist on the classic crew neck. V-neck t-shirts are well-suited beneath dress shirts without buttoned collars, polo shirts, or v-neck sweaters. The v-neckline is available in different cuts, including a high cut v and a deep cut v.


A henley shirt is another twist on the crew neck. These shirts have a round, collarless neckline, featuring a buttoned placket, slit, or opening. They can have long sleeves or short sleeves, and look like the cousin of a polo shirt.


7:Scoop Neck

Imagine taking a big scoop of ice cream out of a container. The indent remaining is a similar shape to the scoop neckline. These necklines are rounded and often low-cut, revealing more skin than the classic crew neck.


8:Square Neck

Shirts made with a square neckline form a square cut shape that frames the collarbone. Square necklines flatter a wide variety of body types, and leave you feeling comfortable and free of constrictions.

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