3 Tips Help You Choosing the Right Underwear for Your Body

Your underwear is the layer closest to your skin though it’s not your outfit’s foundation . It sets the tone for your entire look. If you don’t feel supported or comfortable enough, it can damper your entire day. You can image the bad feeling from your underwear out to emotions.

So ,it’s important to choose the right underwear,Here are 3 tips for you.

First tips:
Most men put the least amount of consideration into choosing the first article of clothing they put on every day. At best, many guys will shop for underwear based on which brand offers the most bonus pairs in their bulk package. And while it may seem easy to wander into the nearest big-box store and grab a twelve-pack of medium boxer-briefs once a year, you’re missing out on the opportunity to not only feel better throughout the day, but have your clothes fit and hang better as well.

Second tips:
A great pair of underwear can give you an incredible amount of confidence and comfort. What’s underneath your trousers plays a big role. Take advantage of the many different fits, styles, and materials available. We know it’s tough to stray from traditional pieces. The eternal question, “Boxers or briefs?” will always linger, but there’s a third cut we’ll consider as we look today at men’s underwear styles and make some recommendations based on critical factors like body type and style choice.

Third tips:Choosing right Boxers or briefs?


Boxers are ideal for guys out there that don’t need to regularly sport slim fit pants or skinny jeans. They offer great breathability and are certainly less revealing than other styles. Many of you likely started wearing boxers in your teenage years, breaking from the tighty-whities of your youth. They can be quite stylish, but often come at the expense of support.


Iconic, the brief has gotten a modern makeover in recent years. Sleeker and sexier, they’re a great choice for guys with larger thighs. They’re also great for short guys as they expose more leg and make you appear taller. The brief is also the supreme supportive underwear for men.

Briefs have gotten more edgy through the low-rise design. The low rise fit falls below the waistline, while a contour pouch made of mesh provides traditional support. Good Briefs taking the brief to a whole new level of sexy.

Boxer Briefs

As the name indicates, boxer briefs combine the length of boxers with the support of briefs. They’re a great underwear for bigger guys, with added material preventing chafing. For guys with larger posteriors, briefs don’t offer enough coverage and boxers will wind up too loose at the waistband. The boxer brief becomes the perfect solution.

When it comes to boxer briefs, no brand is more iconic than Calvin Klein. Their Body Modal Boxer Brief is a fashionable mid-rise garment, with supportive contour pouch and smooth, seamless seat. This bestseller is a luxurious choice, with a comfortable, athletic fit perfect for all occasions.

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