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Fashion Man need this three forms Bag Looking shape 2020

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Japanese Men Style 2020
New functional / multi-function /deformation bag variable chest bag oblique satchel waist bag

STYLE:Japanese Man STYLE
Prouduct INFO:
Name:  3 kinds of  package
Fabric: polyester
Wide:19.5CM High:15CM Thick:0.8CM

DESCRIPTION: Super practical and 100 sets of looking sharpe  ~ chest bag, oblique cross bag, waist bag three forms with the heart change! It’s available all year round Match! Can be built on the outside of a single coat, make the shape richful! Also can match in the coat inside, lets the hierarchy feel richer! Nylon Don’t worry about the durability of the straps and nylon! The most worthy of this year’s modeling products!

Man bag

GoodMenWear Menstyle model shows

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