Mon. Feb 17th, 2020


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Men’s Lighting Bulldog Harness Party Gogo Boy Show by GX3 Japan

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New toy for men to surprise the show case.

It’s about to sweep all the parties and the show places, buzz up!
The most fashionable explosion item “Harness” debuted finally.
Lighting up and enhances the sexy charm of men. Instantly.
GX3 [LIGHTNING HARNESS] The design of the upper body between the chest and the shoulders reveals the male body and style.

Feel freely to wear,the size is easy to adjust.
Black tone HARNESS with silver rims.
Each part can be freely disassembled.

It’s as simple as wearing with a button that can be adjusted with your body shape.

Eye-catching LED sel-illumination.The left side of the button with GX3 LOGO on the back can be adjusted,and the illumination is fully illuminated, flashing and off.
Let you play with your heart and play more energetically.

LED in rainbow, red, and blue colors.Wear it on your body, with the lights flashing.
You will be the focus of attention everywhere.

Included 1 HARNESS

Finest fabric Japan Design Made in China

Size Chart Free Size


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