Why Japanese men buy underwear 10 more per year ?

It is said that Japanese men’s underwear will only be discarded more than 20 times, except that the material is spoiled by washing, and that bacteria are easy to breed on old underpants.

Therefore, Japan can be said to be a big consumer of male underwear, the average Japanese men buys at least 10 or more underpants per year.

In spite of the Japanese economic downturn, the market for Japan men’s underwear has continued to rise as of today. Many factors should be attributed to the reasons are including: part of the pursuit of the trend of consumers for new technology or innovation to improve the acceptance; narrow version, fit men’s fashion popularity, other assignment in demand has also increased; emphasize the function such as high-tech fabrics, very soft, by modal fiber, nylon (Polyamide) and elastic fibers  are blended fabrics, let the underwear has antibacterial, sweat absorbent breathable and other functions; at the same time, wear with rayon Lycra underwear , and make men’s body looking shape.

Fashion design underwear for many years, you can see different pants design and material collocation, and this season color is the dominant consumption focus. The same color preview influence, the Japanese men’s underwear brand in recent years has tried a variety of different bright colors, through the application of saturated color and fluorescent color, convey the concept of colors, but also to stimulate consumers to buy the color black, gray and white underwear.

Many industry experts believe that now in color, male tailoring, printing and material, the influence from the women’s underwear, and an exact example is early 90s, women pants popular caused low waist underwear boom, has a direct impact on the male market, a large number of low waist underwear asked the city to become the mainstream.

Japanese men underwear

About material this, men’s demand for material has led to a change in the underwear market. “Consumers want knowledge of technology and fabrics, and they know very thin fibers, but they don’t know what they are doing. The initial change is to indicate the relevant information on the package and the label.”.” Research and development of fabric technology also may pause, ordinary cotton cloth has been unable to meet the consumer appetite, now the combination of multiple cloth and special material is king. Even after sweating, it can quickly drain moisture and sweat, creating a dry, comfortable and difficult environment for bacteria.

Japanese Super Low rise underwear

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