What do men gym workout need to prepare?

What do fitness guys need to prepare?
What men need for gym workout
First of all, fitness men must:
A long-term fitness carda good gym

If you can’t do it yourself,Private teacher is also required.

What happened meet the right one in the gym?
We need to buy nice sports shoes
Sports jacket, sports vest, sports towel
Sports shorts, sports pants, sports ……

Of course, sports cups are indispensable,
Portable supplement kit, sportswear Backpack
Workout more Eat less .For a scientific and rigorous diet
To eat eggs, beef, chicken, fish, seafood
Brown rice, sweet potatoes, organic cereals, fresh vegetables
Fresh fruit, imported skimmed milk, healthy nuts.

In order to muscle type, also points to what the agent
Whey protein powder,, branched chain amino acids, for example
L-carnitine, nitrogen pump, deep sea fish oil, CLA……

When you at home:
Household dumbbell, abdominal wheel, household elastic rope
Yoga mat, home barbell, sit ups
There is no lack of music when it comes to exercise
Where can I get money without listening to songs? Right
Headphones, chargers, electricity bills, it all costs money.

By the way You also need a good mobile phone or a good camera
Take the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, biceps brachii, triceps muscle
Anyway, just shoot me before and after the workout
Are walking hormones of the handsome me

The most important thing is…
After having a good figure
Need more handsome new clothes?!
Okay, cut out and put on my figure
The fabric that highlights my figure is ok!

All , you need do it now ,not to lays on the sofa.

Let’s do gym workout now , guys!
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