Japanese Traditional Underwear is Fundoshi for Men

What is Japanese traditional Men’s Underwear ?
The answer is Fundoshi!

Everyone should have an impression, a Japanese movie ,right?
Japanese traditional underwear men underwear called Fundoshi (褌(ふんどし/Fundoshi).


「六尺褌(ろくしゃくふんどし)」means” Fundoshi Six feet ”  in addition to the length size of “six feet”, also said a sumo wrestler wearing g-string, is six feet 褌.

Fundoshi, refers to the full in the China from the crotch pants, no crotch “halt”. The Japanese name is Kun mawashi, but not Chinese 褌, but a similar effect with a thong cloth binding.

Japanese traditional men underwear Fundoshi in operation is very simple, can wear with other’s help ,for example father and son, brother, lover’s .

Fundoshi before World War II, Japan is the mainstream of underwear style. When the modern underwear such as briefs and boxers appeared, Fundoshi became less common. Now, you may be in the festival, such as naked offering get to see, or see someone will wear Fundoshi as a swimsuit. In fact, there are a lot of kinds of Fundoshi !
Oh, you might want to try it on!

六尺褌  Rokushaku Fundoshi
Six feet Fundoshi is the oldest Fundoshi. Six feet Fundoshi “ruler” is roughly equal to 30 cm. Six feet Fundoshi is usually on special occasions, or as a swimsuit to wear. This is the Japanese traditional men underwear Fundoshi cloth twisted behind into strips, thus exposed buttocks.

This Fundoshi is a simplified version of the Fundoshi. Also called Samurai pants. Light and comfortable, if you want to do a commando, the Fundoshi for you.
The biggest highlight of this underwear is that you do not have to untie it when you use the toilet. You just need to lift the cloth.

This Fundoshi is the closest modern underwear Fundoshi. It used to be used by kabuki.
畚褌: easy to wear; only wear tie on it! Just like a bikini.

Japanese Traditional Men’s Underwear is Fundoshi

Goodmenwear.com collect some Japanese Fundoshi pictures for you:


Do you think it’s like a men’s bikini?
Just send this link to your friends to get his idea!

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