Hongkong Men’s Underwear Asianbum 2017 Colorful brifes model show

What Hongkong men’s underwear is?
Do Hongkong muscle man like briefs?

So today let Good Men Wear.com introduce you to the original men’s underwear brand from Hongkong, Asianbum!

Their signature product is suitable for summer wear briefs.

Hongkong original underwear brand Asianbum
Smooth color briefs
New  underwear to you from the icy hot summer cool burst!
The advantages of silk fabrics:
1:new technology fabrics
Silk fabrics using modern technology to create new materials, a refreshing, have the slightest sense of urgency and uneasiness in the summer dress will not.
2:fresh textiles
Perspiration moisture absorption strong, comfortable without restraint, fresh and fresh.
3:environmental health
The use of advanced reactive dyed fabrics, health and comfort.

Hongkong men’s underwear model photo show

Fashion men’s wear design:
Widening the waist
A piece of traceless
Hit color edge

Hongkong men’s underwear model photo show

The crotch material composition: 95% cotton polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
Applicable objects: male
Style: U510047H
Color: pure white + fluorescent orange + sapphire blue black + white + pure active active black sapphire blue fluorescent orange + Blue + Black + activated fluorescent orange + pure white bikinis: sapphire blue lemon yellow blue sapphire blue dodge bikinis: lemon yellow Imperial Green sapphire blue bikinis: Dodge Imperial Green Gini than paragraph dodge: lemon yellow blue Imperial Green thong: pure white icy blue active black thong: icy blue style:
Triangle type: low waist waist
Details: U convex design
Size: M L XL XXL
Brand: Asianbum

Chinese Hongkong male underwear model photo gallary:

Hongkong men’s underwear model photo show – Color:Blue + Green – Front

Hongkong men’s underwear model photo show – Color:Blue + Green – Back

Hongkong men’s underwear model photo show – Front

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