The men’s underwear is not only boxers and briefs , but now there is more sexy men’s underwear than ever , there is about seven styles of men’s underwear for a man to express his style when getting dressed for the day. Every style of men’s underwear lends itself to different occasions. Breathable, Moisture-wicking briefs, trunks, and jockstraps excel in athletic environments, while seamless briefs or thongs will go unnoticed beneath dress pants. Let’s see how different between 7 styles of men’s underwear:
One: classic Boxer
Full coverage with freedom of movement, the boxer short has a long cut leg in a relaxed or tailored fit.

Man underwear model Boxer show
Calvin Klein Woven Slim Fit Boxer Short

With a full coverage seat, but with less leg coverage than the trunk, the brief is fitted for support and style.

Man underwear model Brief show
C-IN2 Core Sling Support Lo No Show Profile Brief

The best of brief and boxer, the boxer brief is fit like a brief but has a longer, boxer cut leg.

Man underwear model Boxer-Brief show
2xist Speed No-Show Boxer Brief

Similar to a boxer brief but with a shorter cut leg. The trunk is fitted and is less likely to ride up.

Man underwear model Trunk show
Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk

FiveMen’s Bikini
The Men’s bikini offers a low cut waist and a high cut leg. Expect less coverage than the brief for a sexy, modern fit.

Man underwear model Men’s Bikini show
C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Men’s Bikini Brief

Six: Thong
With its waistband, strap, and pouch, the thong is a perfect cut for the minimalist.

Man underwear model Men’s Thong show
Male Power Honey Comb Low Rise Thong
Seven: Jockstrap
Similar to the thong in coverage, but constructed with two straps for backside support. For high-impact sports, a jockstrap with a cup offers more support and protection.

Man underwear model Men’s Jockstrap show
2xist Electric Jockstrap

 Just choose you like underwear , express yourself!

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