French men’s underwear brand L’Homme Invisible bring you new O life design series

French label L’Homme Invisible introduces its brand new O life, underwear and T-shirts.
L’Homme Invisible Mens G-String also known as mens thong, is the lightest underwear with maximum front support. The contour pouch is held by 0,5cm narrow waistband made with extra soft elastic. Minimum coverage and maximum sensuality!

Lace Made in Germany
Contour pouch with small dart
Narrow 0,5cm elastic
Sexy Y-shape back
Low rise sexy G-string
Stitched in Portugal

O life – String Striptease



Men’s luxury lace g-string with organic life like motifs and very unique lilac colour, surprise your partner with its striptease style clip opening. O life men’s striptease lace thong is full of temptation; irresistible!
The pouch is lined with ultra thin skin colour fabric for a soft touch frontal comfort without losing the beauty of transparent motifs. You will particularly love its ergonomic Y shape back that perfectly shapes your back. Minimum coverage and maximum sensuality!
Key features O Life Lilac Striptease gstring thongs are:
Y back G-string with only 0,5cm wdth
Lace Made in Germany
Striptease style men’s thong
Contour front pouch without middle seam
Stitched in Portugal

O life – Sexy Back Briefs



Men’s briefs in luxury lace, the beauty of organic architectural pattern of its lace is further enhanced by its unique colour lilac.
O life men’s lilac lace briefs come with middle back seam for a snug fit and rounder shape at the back. No wonder they are called sexy back briefs. The underwear is low rise with only 1” inch wide waistband.
The front is fully lined with ultra thin skin tone mesh to maintain the transparent effect of lace and to enhance frontal comfort. The sleek high cut on thighs /sides accentuates your masculine contours and elongates silhouette.

O life – Mini Hipster



You will particularly love well-studied transparency of O life Mini hipster in lace with a unique pattern of moving lines, arabesques, and the scrolls of nature. Its unique lilac colour further enhances the beauty of organic architectural patterns of lace.
Stylish Short Square cut, high thigh cut for long elongated silhouette, the cut is exceptionally comfortable and technical, and the fit is snug in front and back. The well placed back seams give advantageous look to your back. .
See-through men’s underwear
Men’s lace sheer underwear
Back seam for shapely back fit
Comfortable 2,5cm (1 inch) waist band
Lace made in Germany
Stylish and Sexy Haute couture style underwear


O life – V Boxer Lilac


O life V boxer in Lilac lace reveals its full splendour when it comes in contact with your skin. Organic architectural pattern of flowing lines, arabesques and scrolls, its beauty is further enhanced by its unique Lilac colour.
Front of this haute couture men’s underwear is fully lined for soft touch front comfort. Plunging V waist band sits under natural waist and provides optimum abdominal comfort.
The caratrictis of O life Lilac V boxer are:
Large waist band Extra low riding underwear
Short length Boxer-briefs
Lace made in Germany
Haute couture style men’s underwear
Second skin sheer underwear
Men’s haute couture style lace underwear
Product assembled in Portugal

O life – T Shirt Lilac



O life – T Shirt Auber

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