French men’s underwear brand HOM Sport Waves Jockstrap Trunk

HOM is more than just underwear for men from France.
It’s a bona fide French way of life.

Stylish, independent, quirky but masculine above all, that’s HOM style today – a fashion brand created specifically for men, which is why it is now considered as a specialised brand for the world of men’s underwear and has established itself as a true point of reference.

French brands are a lot more romantic than British conservatives, and I personally like the French men’s underwear brand HOM (which has been bought by a Germany company),HOM since its inception in 1968.The inner supporting function and transverse opening design. HOM fabric is particularly exciting, light and breathable, comfortable and delicate, and well made.

HOM Sport Waves Jockstrap
The SPORT WAVES HOM jockstrap is a jockstrap for men adapted for sports in polyamide elastane in heather and colors and fluorescent details in a sportswear spirit.
The jockstrap is undergarment which is exclusively reserved for men with a front jockstrap for good maintenance, which was originally designed for sports activities. It has a wide waistband and two side elastic bands for maintenance on the legs. It’s the most used undergarment for the practice of intensive athletic sports, combining good maintenance, the evacuation of heat, a great freedom of movement, and least amount of friction on the skin as possible.
The microfiber material in polyamide elastane gives this jockstrap resistance to friction and a particularly soft touch and also allows it to dry very fast. The colors also hold well on the polyamide material and do not fade after washing.
The elasticated waistband of this jockstrap is ultra-soft to the touch, pleasant to wear for the skin and doesn’t squeeze. In metallic gray and subtly bearing the HOM logo in fluorescent, it revisits the codes of sportswear.
The SPORTS WAVES line is a line of men’s undergarments which are suitable for sports which brings a touch of zest and color.

Style: 400564
Collection: Sport Waves
Fabric: 86% Polyamid, 14% Elastane

HOM Air Active Trunk
HOM has researched the needs of those who practice sports and brings you several models of underwear including this AIR ACTIVE shorty which has breathable properties thanks to its micro-aerated fabric and its reflective piping.

Style: 400211
Collection: Air Active
Fabric: 75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane

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