French brand PULL IN DENING Pants for Men

PULL IN,from France,at PULLIN we love textiles, we like the look but above all we love freedom. That’s why we design pants in our image: all terrain and with no limits.


The DENING® is a high-tech pant, an authentic denim guaranteeing unbounded freedom of movement. Incredible elasticity, shape memory, a cut studied to increase the stretch effect, unique colors and washes: they’re resolutely the most cool and comfortable pants designed to date.


After careful research, we have selected from the leading denim fabric manufacturers the most revolutionary materials offering up to 80% elasticity, with a touch that’s softer than ever and a shape memory that prevents the pants from deforming while being worn or washed. UNEQUALED COMFORT To the extensible and robust materials is added the 360° DENING® construction which has been studied by our manufacturer and denim specialist of more than 40 years. We have measured the position of seams and different inserts down to the millimeter – including the famous men’s crotch panel – in order to increase the flexibility of the product and amplify freedom of movement. These entwined technicalities make the DENING® the most comfortable pants ever designed.


Because at PULLIN it is essential to cultivate differences, personalities and singularities, each season we propose a new range of colors. We play with washes, dyes and over-dyes, pigments, sprays and many other tools that allow us unlimited inventiveness and above all… to have fun! MY PLAYGROUND HAS NO RULES.


Thanks to its design and its material, the DENING® is ultra-tolerant: it has a great capacity to adapt to different morphologies and it lends itself easily to all styles, not just due to its form but also to its vast panel of colors and singular washes. All our cuts can be worn either one size below or above your usual size for a more or less fitted effect, the product will adapt perfectly thanks to its ultra-stretch construction.




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