TOOT Japan Athletic Y-Shaped Jockstrap 2018 New Japanese Men’ underwear

The 2018 new TOOT Y-Shaped Jockstrap features an attractive, sporty look with a double-lined waistband and simple colours. In our relentless quest to pursue perfect comfort, we have implemented unprecedented improvements. Providing a feeling of support even during the most intense of training sessions was the absolute priority while designing this remarkable piece.

Brand:TOOT Made in JAPAN
Item:Athletic Y-Shaped Jockstrap YB18H283
Material:Original cotton having excellent stretchability and air permeability.
Color:Red / Blue / Black

If you have this Y-Shaped Jockstrap pleasa pay attention to the flowing:
1.Avoid tumble dry.
2.Wash alone to avoid bleaching.
3.Dry flat in shade. Do not wear this item wet for hours at a time.
4.Wash with net.

TOOT Japan Athletic Y-Shaped Jockstrap photos:

TOOT Japan Athletic Y-Shaped Jockstrap videos:

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