How often do men wash their hair? Look at this and you’ll know.

I believe that many men have this question: how long will it take me to wash a head? Sometimes in the morning or in the hair too dirty, wash brush, or in the shower will take to wash the hair, but also often hear the frequent shampooing the hair is harmful, so how to do to be healthy?

The secret of shampoo is to balance the oil of the scalp. It’s mainly related to your personal habits, the weather and the quality of hair.
Oily hair: because the scalp’s oil glands is more exuberant, the secretion of grease easily throughout the hair root, look greasy, easy to dry knot, so that   should wash once a day.

In the dry hair: this type of hair root scalp is fragile, nutrient easily lost, the hair will become dull. So you should choose to wash the head once every two days or three days, to prevent hair damage. At the same time remember if some conditioner will replenish nutrients, otherwise, only the hair the washing is worse.

If your hair is not oil strong, so someone suggest that you reduce the number of shampoo, there are two main reasons:
1. Hair loss  often pay special attention to their hair and often worry about how often the shampoo is quicker to produce psychological pressure.
2.Hair washing does not lead to hair loss.

Generally speaking, you can wash your head once in two days, while a friend with a common hair loss will be able to wash his head once in three to four days.

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